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Thursday, 12 May 2016

intermission rambles

I 've had 7 page views. Lol I'm rather convinced that 6 of those are me and 1 being my partner, (assuming he actually got around to reading it) so really in reality 7 of those are me. Which makes this me just talking to myself. In that case would I just call this my diary or does it remain a blog. I can't really expect comments or get offended by the lack of when I know full well I never leave my calling card. Pretty rude yes but it's these "trolls" that I'm just so tempted to start up on. Trolls come under that category that I lumped the power crazy social workers under. I'm guilty of once I really needed a outlet of all my frustrations and at the time "trolls" were the perfect solution. Let me explain (more for the benefit of those who feel trolls opinions actually count for something and take it too heart) how I think we can stop trolls by making their existence a positive or helpful thing. As previously stated, there will be opinions. Mine and I take full responsibility for them and will stand by them 100% but if you really feel the need to test that my level of care regarding Ur negative/unhelpful and/or otherwise stupid comments is anything above 0 then thats would be your right. But a complete waste of your time As you won't receive a response (no matter how many times you comment) however you may take this as my indirect response " B-)." Typical me had started of making a simple deceleration but saw it could also be out 1st technique is deflecting A trollz attack back on them. In explaining how it works to you though I am then giving the troll the heads up on our -trap of deflection- but we have it now that though a troll is known to rise to such a challenge so they can show they are the most inconveniant menace, if they still continued posting a dumb comment even after been told its that at one stage would have been taken personally is now a reason to smile as you found someone less intelligent then you.
Right technique number 2 is the -morph- a bit tricker but once you understand the troll you'll be ready for them. A trolls main goal is to try and put down others by saying nasty things too (in most cases) vulnerable/sensitive people. Why? I dunno or care, cause I couldn't thing of a more mentally  stunted like behaviour to do. No matter how smart your comebacks are and how much you try convince them that they are in urgent need of a psych assement a troll will not acknowledge how fucked in the head they come across. You find yourself exhausted frustrated and a bit baffled that they think they are doing nothing wrong. The best and most effective time for using the -morph- is a time when you need to just let loose and yelling at a inanimate object just don't cut it. So seek out one of these tough guy keyboard warriors and let lose like really take advantage of rare times. Positives being they think far to highly of themselves to be affected by your opinions, your already aware that their words are nothing to you when they retaliate and most important, do not forget to thank them for helping you overcome Ur troubles. His weapon was too serve a nasty destructive purpose but you morphed the weapon in to positive helpful tool... Useless too a troll trying to be nasty and a troll who can't be nasty is no longer a troll. Game over BOOM.
Wow that troll peice was unexpected and took me way off course. It may only disable one bully and empower one victim of a troll but better then none.

Anyway I get my original post back under which is this is my 1st attempt at a blog. I don't even use social media  and I use Internet to learn or gain knowledge on things and I'm unsure as to where this I wana take this. Do I just wana vent. Do I wana make a difference or maybe I might just can it. If u think I shouldn't quit my day job to persue as career as a blogger lol then comment a * if you need more proof to determine if I got what it takes then comment a # I'm happy to know either way

The fight against a powerful entity (Round1)

Look, if your have gotten this far then I can assume you have a fair amount of time on your hands, and since I've already taken precious seconds that your not going to get back then why not let me take a few more. Rest assured that by writing this I too am taking seconds so already we are establishing a fair equal relationship. Look at us already taking a step in changing the world.
WAIT WAIT! Before you click the "next blog" button or however this works, you should know that this isnt a miss world competition speech or another rambling nut pushing veiws and do gooder opinions down your throat. There are going to be opinions though. Mine. (Thank you capt'n obvious) if you already get my humour then I think you are on the right page. If ive already lost you then its 99.9% likely you wont find me so I won't hold it against you if you now go click the thing that gets you off of my page blog website whatever this is.
I could drag this bit out a  bit more for a laugh. Do the whole like hey your still here blah blah but I think we get the picture (u see what I did there) omg this is too easy. I just keep setting myself up to drag it out a little bit more. Completely unintended and most likely unnecessary but definitely a good test to asses our mutual thought waves.
So here it is, my 4 month old has been taken from my care. My 7 year old placed with family. This is my 3rd night without them. i dont know where this is going or what my intentions are with starting this blog. Well thats a lie, ultimately my goal is to expose this corrupt system for what it is once and for all. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that is a very big goal but (and those whove been dragged through the system will relate) thanks to all of those court appointed counsellors and referred therapists, i have learnt that in order for me to sucessfully reach that goal i have to break it down into smaller more managable goals. (Phew, all those appointments weren't in vain!) So where to start....??
No, seriously. I was hoping you could tell me lol. Yeah it's a tough one but thankfully we have a wonderful tool at our disposal. The world wide Web. Information at your fingertips. A place where it's all too easy to place your 2 cents. Man do people have a lot to share. Unfortunately my latest Google search led down a dirty back alley. You know the kind. Where you find the undesirable, that dark place you can duck off into and conduct whatever dirty business you have. Big garbage bins cleverly placed where it doesn't bother people while it waits to be disposed off, out of sight out of mind? To be expected of course, it wasn't to pleasant searching through those garbage bins (figuratively speaking) but it's amazing what people will throw in the trash. It saddens me that I wasn't even shocked by what I uncovered. Lies, cover ups, incompetent social workers, nazi social workers, children taken from abusive homes, children put in abusive homes, children who weren't reached in time and we've all got one news headline that comes to mind.... WAIT WAIT now I bet your thinking about clicking that whatcha callit button while saying "you didn't uncover that, in fact these things are quite often in the news, so I bid u and Ur rambling adieu " I also know that my amazing ability to read your thoughts has now changed your mind on leaving so i will continue.
Right where were we.. Oh yes picking through garbage bins (figuratively speaking) when EUREKA. It's was that starting point I was looking for.
When it comes to achieving that end goal then yes any of those things I found earlier could all be starting points. But 1. They have been other people's starting points putting them in the spotlight already and 2. It's not directly related to what my partner and I are being subjected to. Anyway yay yet another smaller goal acheived. What a relief to know we are not the first family that has or is being treated unfairly by such a powerful agency. The moment is bittersweet though as I read through more and more stories almost identical to mine. The same stories going back to the late 90s. But this is a bit different. This is a issue raised by thousands yet I struggle to recall ever reaching headlines. Every week a everyday kiwi family is been ripped apart. I would just like to clarify that despite my personal dealings with CYFS I still acknowledge that this is not ALL social workers working for CYFS and that there should be people there for truly at risk children. My qualm is r those being targeted unfairly, without cause, deliberately kept in the dark and are treated guilty until proven innocent. The fact that it is allowed to happen over and over, kept hush hush and ignored for over 16 years but is a simple fix (yes there's always someone who thinks they have the answer) has been enough to light that fire in my belly and extra boost of passion I've gotten as result of directly affecting my two cherubs has only made me more determined to reach that end goal. Oh that simple fix?? Easy. do youR bloody job, collect the facts, stick to the facts.

It's incompetence at its purest, with a pinch of laziness and a whopping big dash of disregard for rules and regulations that were put in place to keep this from happening. And just putting it out there in regards to these social workers NEGLECTING to follow protocols and procedures, I feel that that is a red flag on there mental state givin that they feel justified in lying and cutting corners. And at no time should someone suffering their own mental problems be able to make a judgement aon anothers psyche. Especially when a child is directly impacted. A important point that I've seen mentioned is how anyone but a trained professional in that such area is able to make their own assumptions that is able to be classed as evidence. The woman who is responsible for my beautiful bubba being uplifted is a perfect example. She must of witnessed the Salem witch trials. I wouldn't be surprised if this woman was around to witness the ice age and lived off mammoths. She is in early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's cause her actions are not that of someone who still has a rational logical thinking working brain. A 5 year old knows the consequences of not telling the truth. And that's me being nice and giving her the benefit of the doubt that it mabe not her fault and is out of her control. That's fair me talking. But here's the honest truth and not just in my case. They come across parents who actually care and fight and are smarter then Ur average child abuser and when the can't get that rush of power they will just exercise the ultimate power which is to turn Ur precious bundles into pawns that they can just take Willy nilly just to teach you a lesson. And I'm not being dramatic its them making a example of you and what happens when you stand up for what's right. Right I've gone from general to personal and personal greivences should have a separate place. So for those of you that got this far. Thank you and Ur most welcome to come back for the next blog