Thursday, 12 May 2016

intermission rambles

I 've had 7 page views. Lol I'm rather convinced that 6 of those are me and 1 being my partner, (assuming he actually got around to reading it) so really in reality 7 of those are me. Which makes this me just talking to myself. In that case would I just call this my diary or does it remain a blog. I can't really expect comments or get offended by the lack of when I know full well I never leave my calling card. Pretty rude yes but it's these "trolls" that I'm just so tempted to start up on. Trolls come under that category that I lumped the power crazy social workers under. I'm guilty of once I really needed a outlet of all my frustrations and at the time "trolls" were the perfect solution. Let me explain (more for the benefit of those who feel trolls opinions actually count for something and take it too heart) how I think we can stop trolls by making their existence a positive or helpful thing. As previously stated, there will be opinions. Mine and I take full responsibility for them and will stand by them 100% but if you really feel the need to test that my level of care regarding Ur negative/unhelpful and/or otherwise stupid comments is anything above 0 then thats would be your right. But a complete waste of your time As you won't receive a response (no matter how many times you comment) however you may take this as my indirect response " B-)." Typical me had started of making a simple deceleration but saw it could also be out 1st technique is deflecting A trollz attack back on them. In explaining how it works to you though I am then giving the troll the heads up on our -trap of deflection- but we have it now that though a troll is known to rise to such a challenge so they can show they are the most inconveniant menace, if they still continued posting a dumb comment even after been told its that at one stage would have been taken personally is now a reason to smile as you found someone less intelligent then you.
Right technique number 2 is the -morph- a bit tricker but once you understand the troll you'll be ready for them. A trolls main goal is to try and put down others by saying nasty things too (in most cases) vulnerable/sensitive people. Why? I dunno or care, cause I couldn't thing of a more mentally  stunted like behaviour to do. No matter how smart your comebacks are and how much you try convince them that they are in urgent need of a psych assement a troll will not acknowledge how fucked in the head they come across. You find yourself exhausted frustrated and a bit baffled that they think they are doing nothing wrong. The best and most effective time for using the -morph- is a time when you need to just let loose and yelling at a inanimate object just don't cut it. So seek out one of these tough guy keyboard warriors and let lose like really take advantage of rare times. Positives being they think far to highly of themselves to be affected by your opinions, your already aware that their words are nothing to you when they retaliate and most important, do not forget to thank them for helping you overcome Ur troubles. His weapon was too serve a nasty destructive purpose but you morphed the weapon in to positive helpful tool... Useless too a troll trying to be nasty and a troll who can't be nasty is no longer a troll. Game over BOOM.
Wow that troll peice was unexpected and took me way off course. It may only disable one bully and empower one victim of a troll but better then none.

Anyway I get my original post back under which is this is my 1st attempt at a blog. I don't even use social media  and I use Internet to learn or gain knowledge on things and I'm unsure as to where this I wana take this. Do I just wana vent. Do I wana make a difference or maybe I might just can it. If u think I shouldn't quit my day job to persue as career as a blogger lol then comment a * if you need more proof to determine if I got what it takes then comment a # I'm happy to know either way

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